Fitness in the Yard

I love to exercise and want to make sure that I have the time everyday by incorporating small fitness routines into the things that I also need to get done around the house.  I really wanted an elliptical machine, HAD to have one in my house!  I saved up some money and did a lot of shopping around.  I didn’t need the fanciest, biggest one that there is to offer. I just needed one that would fit in my price range, fit in the area of my house that I wanted it andone that would fit my exercise needs.  I found this little trooper!


When I am doing a cardio workout in the house I can see out of the front window and my grass definitely needs to mowed.  So I will do 20 minutes on the elliptical on a high resistance setting, run out and edge the lawn, mow the front yard at the fastest pace possible and come back in to do 20 more minutes on the elliptical keeping at high resistance.  When that time is up, run out and mow the back lawn just as fast just making sure that it looks great and that you don’t have any mohawks in the lawn.  Mohawks? You know the strip that you accidentally miss! Ends up looking like mohawks!  I am a bit on the crazy side of making sure the yard looks as perfect as I possibly can!  The idea is keeping your heart rate up and burning calories at the highest level that you can while getting your workout in. We call this cross yard training!  I love yard work, when you’re done and your yard looks wonderful, excellent feeling!  If you can incorporate your workout while getting your house chores done, it’s a bonus! I am not one to hang out at the gym, I am not comfortable there and I feel I can workout just as much if not more, at home.

When you have flowers to plant, weeds to pull or any bending over that needs to be done, just squat instead.  Get your full squats in instead of bending over.  If you are only bending over you are not incorporating all of the muscles that you could have.  Do your squats, do your lunges, incorporate as many muscles as possible while getting everything done!  You may feel silly, but have fun in your yard!  I am sure that my neighbors laugh as I totally move fast, almost running while mowing.  Squating, lunging, running to the front yard or backyard, but I don’t care.  I purposely have an older mower, a push mower instead of the newer automatic mowers.  Push mowers means more muscles used, heart rate up and just plain harder which is why I love the push mower! I have a great time and a great yard and my calves are looking amazing, not to mention the glutes and the suntan!! Enjoy yourself 🙂 Here are a few pics of the backyard! Yes, I know, I know, I need a new shed! But, I will keep the old one until I have money saved or until it totally falls apart!

yardworkDSCN9455 DSCN9451 DSCN9449


I definitely get a whole lot of squats in while cleaning out my pond in the back! I keep a couple of small turtles in the pond for fun!



And now pics of the front yard:

DSCN9459 DSCN9460 DSCN9461

Shameless post to show off my yard?!? Yeah, maybe! But, mostly wanted to say that whatever you enjoy most, you can incorporate it into a workout! If you look at it a bit differently, and make your movements count, it is a total workout! Do what you enjoy most and it turns from work-out to just plain fun with the benefits of working your muscles out while getting everything done. Multi-tasking!  Look at anything you do to making it a workout, any movements can be modified to getting the most out of your activity.


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