About Me

I wanted to have a place to share my “tastes” with anyone and everyone who wanted to read and also keep a quick link for myself to refer back to for sharing Recipes, Food, Landscape, Health, Gardening, Refashioning, anything and everything that I can share with you!

I am 42 years old with two beautiful daughters.  Bailie is almost 18 yrs and Janise is 20 yrs old.

My boyfriend is Adam and we have lived together for about 15 years.
just ran a 5k
No we are not married, we are happy just the way we are!  Would I love to marry him? Sure! But I am patient and don’t want to rush into anything that’s for sure, lol!  He has a daughter, Shay, who is 26 years old so together we have 3 girls. Here we all are!
I have two English Bulldogs, they’re a great breed!  Gunner is 9 years old-fawn colored male and Holliday Rose (named after Doc Holliday of Tombstone-my favorite movie) is 1 year old-white with the black eye female.  They are totally rockin’ dogs and happy kids! I actually can’t believe that they sat still for a picture!
In school I was always active with dance, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, track, pretty much any sport. I never thought about anything that I ate.  I had a great metabolism and was totally active.  I had developed knee issues where my knee cap would dislocate.  Incredibly painful, long story short I needed surgery.  I was off school for about 3 months and had no physical activity, ate whatever I wanted as I always had and when it was time to go back to school I tried to put on pants, didn’t fit!  Bawled my eyeballs out! That was the beginning of my weight issues. Up and down for years, never maintaining.
 I am a pretty tall girl at 5’8″ and my highest weight was 232 in early 2012, you could call me a giant! This is me and my brother Brian,
June 2012.

It was a sad and depressing time, I didn’t want to see anyone or go anywhere.  I decided that it was time to do something. I began by starting to decrease what I ate, I had read about low carb diets and gave that a whirl.  I lost about 20 lbs really fast and thought, great! This is it, I just won’t ever eat carbs again! Which turns out, not as easy as it sounds nor did I want to keep that eating habit for the rest of my life.  You need to find a way of living that you can sustain for the long haul.  Not a diet but a true way of living that can maintained.  I began moving more, exercising and staying at a low caloric level. I began reading about the Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet. I tried strictly that for a whil.  So that you know, I’m not a fan of eating fish, I love to fish with the catch and release method. I can fish with the best of them, I just don’t eat them and don’t! Keeping my caloric level at 1200 a day and working out wasn’t nourishing my body.  In order to sustain my energy, feel good and exercise I raised my calories to 2200 or more a day and continued exercising.  I cut out processed sugars and processed foods,  I also read about the clean eating plan. Between the two ways of eating, and me adding my own ideas, they totally made sense to me. Food should be made from natural ingredients, not processed and if you can’t pronounce it or know what the ingredients are then really what are you putting into your body?!? I am not strictly a Paleo or Clean Eating person, I do enjoy a few processed foods that I don’t plan on giving up, if you like it and can fit it in your diet then go for it I say! You can’t feel deprived or expect to give up everything you love, your eating habits won’t be sustained for the long haul.  74 lbs loss and one year later, here I am!

My name is Leann, I am happy and healthy,I love my family, I love baking and eating, I am grateful for the trials that I have been given as they have made me who I am, and I love that you have decided to join me in my journey!

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