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TShirt Refashion

I have lost over 75 lbs in the last year (yay me!) and believe me I couldn’t wait to get rid of my “fat” clothes! As soon as a pair of pants wouldn’t stay up and looked ridiculous with a belt, into the bag they went! Full bags went to people, shelters and donations.  Purchasing new clothes in smaller sizes was so exciting! Then the new clothes wouldn’t fit, it got extremely expensive and I am one broke chick and can’t keep buying new clothes!  I am now finding fun and useful ways to reuse, repurpose and refashion my ever changing wardrobe of sizes! Today’s subject, my V-neck green tshirt. I love this color of green, black is my favorite color so I most always wear this shirt with black anyway.

It is just too big, frumpy and needs some zest! I like to keep refashioning easy and simple as I am definitely not an expert seamstress!  Most my seams are not straight and I don’t care! 🙂  I think a tighter waistband would help bring it in, dress it up and I would be able to wear it to work comfortably having it look dressier, newer and a bit more stylish.  Second subject  for my refashion would be a black lace tank that I happened to find in my closet and bought for a big $2.00.  I decided they would look great together!  First I cut off the bottom of the green tshirt and the bottom of the black lace tank also cutting off the sleeves of the tshirt at just the seam.
Then I took one of the green tshirt sleeves and used it as a pattern.  I laid it out on the remaining lace of the black tank, doubled to cut 2 lace sleeves.
Pin everything together making sure that the right sides are facing each other. I sewed the waist “band” together first at the bottom taking it in slightly tighter for a blousy look. Then sewed the sleeves on, sewing the bottom of the sleeve seam together last.  Don’t forget to hem up the lace sleeve for a nice, finished look.
Finished and adorable!  Dress it up with dress pants and heals or perfect with leggings or shorts.  I have white pants on in the picture so that you could see how cute the bottom lace band looked and it didn’t show so well in the picture when I had black pants on.  Total time from start to finish only took about an hour.  Fast and easy, love it!

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