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Change is Good!

Everyone needs a change! Life is all about trying new things and I have previously challenged all of you to try one new thing everyday no matter how small. Just one new thing every….stinkin’…!  Well, I think that I went too far! haha, I chopped off my hair!

After losing so much weight, I’ve decided that I just hate the hair upkeep!  I started getting grey hairs back in high school thanks to my mother and grandma! It’s hereditary and believe me my girls are loving it as well!  I let the greys come in until they started taking over my hair, at about 25 yrs old I started coloring my hair.  Every 4 weeks my roots would start showing and I would need to get it colored again! So once a month I would need to go sit in a hair salon for 2-3 hours and spend about $100 to have my hair done.  It doesn’t sound like alot but believe me when you HAVE to do it, it’s not much fun.  Most girls go have their hair colored just for fun or when they want a change so that would be fun. Not me, I had to have the regrowth colored or it was just a fabuloso grey stripe across my head!

I have decided to save the money and save the time and just let it go all nat-u-ral!  Yep, I’m letting the grey come in!  Sure, I’m only 42 and I don’t think that’s old but I am going to make a change and hopefully it will be for the better!  With letting the grey come in I thought that it would be best to cut it as short as I dare so that I don’t have the grey regrowth stripe growing in for too long, lookin’ ridiculous!  So I did it!  I chopped it!

20130514_112747 20130514_112753 you can see toward the top of my roots the grey coming in, but I did have Erin, my wonderfully fun hairdresser add a bit of blonde to the top so that it wasn’t just a blunt stripe of grey coming in.  But hey! I did it!  Crazy!  I have NEVER had my hair this short in my life! Hopefully now that I have lost the weight that this hair do will look ok!

I absolutely LOVE the fact that it takes me about 10 minutes to do my hair now! Total time saver along with a money saver now that I won’t be getting it colored anymore.  We’ll see!

20130515_174431 (1)IMG950669

Another great thing is working out, after Zumba class, whatever class or exercise this hairdo is so easy to pep up before going anywhere without having to shower and redo my hair for an hour!  Another plus!  I am all about saving time, money and stress!  That was my new thing, now on to the next!!

Toiletpaper Roll Firestarters

We love building fires in our firepit int the backyard.  In the summer when you have friends or family over it is always fun to hang out in the backyard with a couple of beers around the fire! Adam always builds the fire and if it isn’t a fast starting fire or if he has any problems he always pulls out the classic “lighter fluid” which I hate! It scares the crap out of me when he douces the wood and pit with fluid and then throws a match!  Whommmmp! Instant large flames!  Scary big!  He does this when we are camping too, but in the backyard? Really!?!


I am so excited to have seen these great toilet paper roll firestarters and want to share with everyone!  They work ahhh-mazing and rock a fire for sure!  So easy, so simple, so ingenius! Not to mention totally frugal and they don’t cost a dime!  Save all of your empty toilet paper cardboard rolls, all of them because I have other ways to use them too that I will be sharing later! But first, back to the firestarters.

Now, this so difficult! High level difficulty for sure, you may also need supervision! Haha.  Take your empty cardboard toilet paper roll, and stuff it full with dryer lint.  Yep, directly from your dryer lint catcher.  My lint catcher is quite full isn’t it! Take the lint and roll it up tight.


You will want to just shove it all in one roll, one dryer lint “full” per toilet paper roll.  I just keep a bag to collect all toilet paper rolls in the bathroom because there’s no point wasting it when you can use it for these little gems or other crafts!   Store the fire starters for easy access when having fires at your home or camping.  Grab the marshmallows and lets have a fire!!


My backyard firepit.  Good times!

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