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Custom DIY Small Gift Box


Frugal, Free, personalized, customized gift box, made with…..are you ready?  An empty toilet paper roll.  I told you to save these as they can be used for quite a few things in turn saving you money, feeding that frugal beast in us! We have to stick together and save money wherever  we can.  These little gift boxes are made from upcycled tolilet paper rolls.  Haha that sounds so much more elegant….upcycled.  These little gems are perfect size for gift cards, jewelry, money, a special note, etc, many little love gifts will fit in this cute box.  Let’s quit jabbering on and get right to the gift box.

Get your favorite stamps, and ink (I use StazOn as it permanent and I had it on hand) then take your empty toilet paper roll and push it flat, don’t press creases in it, just flatten it so that stamping your images on it are easier and cleaner without drag marks. I used 2 different stamps, and 2 different colors of ink, but you can use as many as you want or get crazy with letters making it personalized for the individual.


Then stamp away, I like to put paper under it and so some stamps half way off the side and it looks more unperfect making it more evenly spaced and not look so “handmade”.  Make sure to turn it over and stamp both sides! The ink almost dries instantly so you only need to give it a minute before you start folding the sides.  Fold one end, pushing one side in, rounding the seam and then the other”flap” in also rounding the seam in a smile shape.DSCN9566


Be sure to place your gift inside before closing up!  Fold in the sides as you did on the opposite side, and finish her up with a ribbon and bow.  Perfect!    Since there’s no way of getting around using toilet paper in your home, these cardboard rolls come with the toilet paper for free!! What a bonus 🙂

Thanks for following my toilet paper roll tutorial!  Fun to say isn’t it!  Or add “upcycled”  to that sentence!  Thanks for following my upcycled toilet paper roll tutorial gift box!


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